Way Too Much Woman For You
The name's Power Girl--or Peej. I’ve got a reputation for being stubborn, headstrong and brash. I’ve been called a lot of things behind my back by other heroes. Main one rhymes with witch.


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k0n-el replied to your post “Hey Kar, sorry about the other day I was in a bad mood. Did you want to say something I kinda brushed you off.”

"It was just some issues I’ve been having with Kal not being around. I’m working through them though."

     “Do you… maybe want me to talk to him for you?”


Hey Kar, sorry about the other day I was in a bad mood. Did you want to say something I kinda brushed you off.

     “Well, I remember asking you what had you in such a bad mood, but it’s cool if you don’t want to talk about it.”

Welp, woke up in a bad mood and can’t deal with people.
Gonna get off tumblr for a bit and do some painting.


"…That was quick."

     “Power Girl, remember? Faster than a speeding bullet, blah blah blah.”


He chuckled a bit at that. “No, I moved out when I was 18, since we had a lot of differences on how we worked, but, if he ever does need me, I come in and help him out. “He smiles walking over to her and then putting one arm on the railing. “I usually do work outside of Gotham.”

     “I see,” she too, wandered to the railing and leaned forward on it, her gaze falling on that of the cityscape before them, “I’m sorry about your step brother by the way.” She peeked at him from the corner of her eye,  “I heard what happened…”

(HELLO THERE. I have cupcakes and I'm not sharing.)

I'm sure you've never been asked this before, Kara. What is your cup size? The world wants to know.

I have, and it’s nobodies business.


"Would you believe me if I said any?" he asked, relieved that he actually had money on him for once.

      “Pizza surprise it is then.” Taking the few notes from him, she shot off to the nearest pizzeria, swiped the first large pizza she found and in its place, left the money behind.

     “Who’s hungry?!” she called, announcing her return.


"Right. Super-hearing." Still, it didn’t stop him from doing a headcheck, and taking in everything in the vicinity first, before whispering the address to her.

     As soon as she had it, she shot them off into the sky, holding him a little tighter on take off. The city became a blur around them, of course to Kara, it was still as clear as day as she navigated her way through the city of Chicago. “Almost there…”


"It’s just south of the city. Real close to downtown. Ugh … you can’t read minds, can you? I don’t really want to say my address out loud. In costume.”

     “You could… whisper it really softly?” she suggested, scooping him gently up into her arms, “I’m sure I’ll pick it up.”


Power Girl by Bruce Timm


He grit his teeth together. “Can I get a lift back to my apartment, please?”

      She threw a steady arm around him, “Sure. Easy there. Just tell me where and we’ll be there in no time.”


"I could do that."

     ”Pizza of preference?” She said, holding her hand out to receive the cash. 



"Oh! Yeah! Right. I remember now. So what brings you back to Manhattan?" 

     ”The pizza— oh and of course there was a burning building that got a little more than out of control. But don’t worry, I took care of it. Now I’m just here for the pizza.”