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The name's Power Girl--or Peej. I’ve got a reputation for being stubborn, headstrong and brash. I’ve been called a lot of things behind my back by other heroes. Main one rhymes with witch.


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Even though Amanda Conner suffers from Same Face Syndrome, it's one helluva a face. :) Thanks!

No worries. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

What comic is that cap of PG sleeping in the red shirt, with Stinky? Is that from her ongoing from a few years ago?

     That’s actually Supergirl, shhh but it looks so much Peej (because of Amanda Conner’s art) and her cat, I use it anyway. As for the comic, I can’t remember where I found it. Whoops. Sorry.

Gorilla my dreams


Blake was actually incredibly proud to see Kara storm in and call him her boyfriend.  He couldn’t help but feel the need to brag, but the only ones who would here were the very machine gun toting gorillas she had come to have him from.  Somehow it seemed like that would defeat the purpose.

The gorillas immediately turned their weaponry on Kara with a barrage of metal slugs.  As they distracted her Mallah wisely backed off to make a tactical retreat.  Blake saw his opportunity to take on his old adversary and gave chase, only to have Mallah turn back suddenly for a surprise attack.  The beast grabbed his torso with one hand and slammed him hard into the ground.  “Alright,” Blake squealed, “That may have been a mistake.”

     Kara swatted the rain of bullets away as if they were flies, whilst others merely bounced off of her form. Some, even ricocheted, hitting her attackers. Whoever was left standing, soon took off running when they saw their weapons had no effect on the tall maiden of steel.
Quickly, Kara sped over to where Thomas was rolling around with a big problem of his own.
     “Hey!” she called again, picking the beast up by the scruff of his neck and off of Thomas entirely, “What did I just say? Are you stupid or just deaf? Because I heard monkeys were supposed to be intelligent.”
     With an arm that could lift the weight of the world, Kara gripped the creature by his arm and slammed him back and forth on the ground a few times, leaving him in a daze before throwing him as if he were nothing more than a softball. And once he was beyond the horizon, she was suddenly as her lover’s side.
     “Thomas? Are you okay?” Her tough girl act was gone now, replaced with pure concern.


"Not exactly sure, but I’d say about a 100 clicks north of Gorilla City."  He fell silent for a moment so that he didn’t have to should over the latest barrage of gunfire.  "I turned on a subsonic transmitter, you should easy be able to hear it."  He had gotten the thing shortly after Kara and him became a couple.  Seemed like a wise investment at the time.

     Kara groaned and rubbed a hand over her face. “Seriously?” Ever since her encounter with Ultra Humanite trying to steal her body and then stealing Atlees, she did not have a soft spot for Gorillas or monkeys in the slightest. “I’ll be there soon.”

     Into the sky she flew, shooting off like a torpedo, only a bazillion times faster. It was up there, she concentrated, using her super hearing to pick up the beacon he was sending her. Like a dog whistle for Kyrptonians, Kara had her lead.

     It didn’t take her long to make her entrance. With a resounding boom, she came down on the earth, forming a crater under her feet. “Yo, ugly!” she called to one of the primates as her eyes turned red, “Hands off of my boyfriend.”


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Worlds’ Finest #15 by Emanuela Lupacchino


The Red She Devil

Power Girl (2009)

Gorilla My Dreams


Things had gone wrong, really wrong.  It started as a simple job, but before he knew what happened Blake was pinned down by Monsieur Mallah and a platoon of machine gun toting gorillas.  Blake may not have been afraid to enter a loosing fight, but it never paid to underestimate a militant gorilla with the mind of a Frenchman.  Particularly when said gorilla almost ate him once.

"Hey… Kara?"  He is glad that his phone had signal even though they were in the middle of no where.  "Yeah, It’s Blake.  You couldn’t help me out of a jam could you?"  It was difficult to hear him over the sound of gunfire."

      When Kara’s phone buzzed in her pocket, she answered it before the first ring rung out. “Thomas—- ” he cut her off, causing her to fall silent as he spoke. “Right— sure. But—uh— where are you?” Before he could respond, Kara zipped off into her room, phone in hand and dressed in her full Power Girl ensemble.